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Welcome to Garage Doors Fixing, your premier destination for top-quality Fiberglass Garage Doors.

We specialize in providing exceptional services tailored to meet all your fiberglass garage door needs. Discover the unparalleled durability and elegance of fiberglass garage doors with us.

Construction of Fiberglass Garage Doors Fiberglass garage doors are crafted from a composite material that combines glass fibers with resin, resulting in a lightweight yet sturdy door. This innovative construction offers resistance to dents, cracks, and warping, ensuring long-lasting performance. The fiberglass surface is meticulously molded to mimic the texture of wood, providing a luxurious appearance without the maintenance requirements.

Fiberglass Garage Door Repair Services At Garage Doors Fixing, we understand the importance of a fully functional garage door. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle any repair needs for your fiberglass garage door promptly and efficiently. From minor cosmetic damages to significant functional concerns, we use advanced techniques and quality materials to restore your door to its original condition.

Fiberglass Garage Door Maintenance Services Preserve the longevity and beauty of your fiberglass garage door with our maintenance services. Our team conducts routine inspections, lubrication, and adjustments to ensure smooth operation and prevent potential issues. With regular maintenance, you can enhance your door’s performance and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Fiberglass Garage Door Installation Services Trust Garage Doors Fixing for expert fiberglass garage door installations. Our experienced team ensures precise fitting and alignment, guaranteeing optimal functionality and energy efficiency. Explore our diverse range of stylish and customizable fiberglass doors to upgrade your home’s curb appeal.

Best Applications for Fiberglass Garage Doors Fiberglass garage doors are suitable for various applications, especially in regions with extreme weather conditions. Their resistance to moisture and temperature changes makes them ideal for coastal areas or places with harsh climates. Additionally, the lightweight nature of fiberglass reduces strain on garage door openers, prolonging their lifespan.

Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Garage Doors :


Durability: Resistant to dents, cracks, and warping.

Aesthetics: Mimics the appearance of wood without the maintenance. Insulation: Provides excellent thermal insulation.

Lightweight: Reduces strain on garage door openers.

Customization: Available in various styles and finishes.


Cost: Initial investment may be higher than other materials. Susceptibility to Scratches: Surface may show scratches over time.

Limited Color Options: Some fiberglass doors offer fewer color choices compared to other materials.

Choose Your Design, Finish, and Windows Select from our array of panel styles, colors, and window options to customize your fiberglass garage door to perfection. With options ranging from horizontal raised panels to arched windows, you can create a door that complements your home’s architecture and reflects your personal style.

Elevate Your Home with Fiberglass Garage Doors Experience the unmatched durability and elegance of fiberglass garage doors from Garage Doors Fixing. Contact us today at (279)237-3429  to schedule an appointment and discover the perfect fiberglass garage door for your home!

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