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At Garage Doors Fixing, we specialize in expert installation, repair, and maintenance services for Linear garage door openers. Elevate the security and functionality of your garage with our top-notch services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment:

Linear Garage Door Opener Installation:

Looking for a reliable and secure solution to enhance your home’s convenience and security? Trust Garage Doors Fixing for expert Linear garage door opener installation services. Our professionals ensure smooth and secure operation tailored to your needs.

Linear Garage Door Opener Repair Services:

Experiencing issues with your Linear garage door opener? Prompt repair is crucial. At Garage Doors Fixing, our experienced technicians specialize in diagnosing and efficiently repairing Linear garage door openers to ensure flawless operation.

Linear Garage Door Opener Maintenance Services:

Regular maintenance is essential to prolong the lifespan and maintain peak performance of your Linear garage door opener. Garage Doors Fixing offers comprehensive maintenance packages designed to prevent breakdowns and extend your opener’s life.

Why Choose Garage Doors Fixing for Linear Garage Door Opener Services:

Expertise: Our licensed technicians are highly trained and experienced in handling Linear garage door openers, ensuring top-notch service. Quality: We use only the best quality parts and equipment for installations, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring reliability and durability. Reliability: Garage Doors Fixing is committed to punctuality and customer satisfaction, providing dependable service you can trust. Affordability: Our competitively priced services offer excellent value for your investment, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Ready to experience the convenience and security of a Linear garage door opener? Contact Garage Doors Fixing now! Call (279) 237-3429 to speak with our experts to book an appointment. Trust us as your dedicated partner for all Linear garage door opener needs.


Most Popular Linear Garage Door Openers: 

1. Linear Model LSO50


 Linear LSO50 Garage Door Opener – your gateway to a quieter and smoother garage door operation. This deluxe dual-lamp 1/2 HP residential garage door operator is designed to elevate your home’s security and convenience. With superior vibration isolation mounting brackets and noise dampening acoustical foam, it’s the ultimate choice for a more peaceful garage experience.

Key Features:

Noise Reduction Technology: Enjoy the peace and quiet with our advanced noise reduction technology, making your garage door operation whisper-quiet.

Compatibility: This garage door opener is compatible with both belt-drive and chain-drive T or I beam rails up to 10 feet in length, ensuring flexibility in installation.

 Smooth and Quiet Operation: Experience a seamless and quiet garage door operation that won’t disturb your household.

Diagnostic System: Stay informed with a diagnostic system that indicates six possible trouble conditions, allowing you to address issues promptly. Dual 100-Watt Courtesy Lights: Illuminate your garage space with dual 100-watt courtesy lights (bulbs not included) for added safety and convenience. Built-in MegaCode Receiver: Benefit from enhanced security with a built-in MegaCode format receiver, ensuring your garage remains secure.

Convenient Controls: All operator controls and indicators are conveniently located on one side for easy access and operation.

Included Accessories: The package includes everything you need for a complete installation, including the Garage Door Operator Head, Deluxe Illuminated Wall Station, MTR3 3-button visor remote control, Obstacle-Sensing Beams with 35 feet of wire, Mounting Hardware, and Wall Station wire (27 feet). Specifications:

Dimensions: With HBT7C/HCT7C rail: Installed Length – 126.5 inches, Maximum Door Opening – 7 feet 6 inches, Maximum Door Height (with optional rails) – 10 feet, Headroom Clearance Required – 1.5 inches. With HBT8C/HCT8C rail: Installed Length – 136 inches. With HCT10C rail: Installed Length – 161.5 inches.

Warranty: Motor: Lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Mechanical: 5 years to ensure long-lasting performance.

Electronics: 1-year warranty for added protection. Upgrade your garage door system with the Linear LSO50 Garage Door Opener, and enjoy the perfect blend of performance, convenience, and peace of mind. Say goodbye to noisy and unreliable garage door operations – choose Linear for a superior garage experience. For installation, repair, or maintenance services, contact Garage Doors Fixing at (279) 237-3429.

2. Linear Model LDO50


Linear LDO50 Single-Light Garage Door Operator – 1/2 HP

Garage Doors Fixing presents the Linear LDO50, the ultimate solution for your residential garage door needs. This deluxe garage door operator combines power and convenience in a sleek design, making it the ideal choice for your home. Let’s explore what sets the Linear LDO50 apart:

Powerful Performance:

The LDO50 features a robust 1/2 HP motor for smooth and quiet garage door operation. It offers compatibility with both belt-drive and chain-drive T or I beam rails, providing flexibility for various setups.

 Safety First: Safety is paramount with the LDO50, equipped with infrared safety beams for added peace of mind. An obstacle-sensing feature, with 35 feet of wire, ensures enhanced safety for your garage.

Convenient Control: Control your garage door effortlessly with the included MTR3 3-button visor remote control. The lighted deluxe wall station is not only stylish but also includes a vacation mode radio disable switch and courtesy light control button for added convenience. All-Inclusive Package: The Linear LDO50 package includes everything you need for a complete installation:

1x Garage Door Operator Head 1x Deluxe Illuminated Wall Station 1x MTR3 3-button visor remote Control 1x Obstacle-Sensing Beams (with 35’ of wire) 1x Mounting Hardware 1x Wall Station wire (27’) Specifications:

The Linear LDO50 can be installed with various rail systems: With HBT7C/HCT7C rail: Installed Length: 122″, Maximum Door Opening: 7′ 6″, Maximum Door Height (with optional rails): 10′, Headroom Clearance Required: 1.5″ With HBT8C/HCT8C rail: Installed Length: 137.5″ With HCT10C rail: Installed Length: 157″

Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a lifetime warranty on the motor. The mechanical components are covered for 5 years. The electronics are protected with a 1-year warranty. Upgrade your garage with the Linear LDO50 and experience a new level of convenience, safety, and reliability. Make this powerful garage door operator a part of your home today.

3. Linear Model LCO75


Garage Doors Fixing proudly presents the Model LCO75 3/4 HP Deluxe Dual Lamp Garage Door Operator, Linear’s most powerful and versatile door operator. Designed for light-duty commercial installations and residential applications with heavy carriage house-style garage doors, the LCO75 surpasses other operator designs with its impressive maximum duty cycle rating of 13 operations per hour and 50 operations per day.

Key Features:

Rugged and Durable: Built with an all-steel frame for long-lasting performance, ensuring durability and reliability.

Silent Operation: Equipped with noise-reducing technology, providing quieter garage door operation for enhanced comfort. Commercial-Grade Rail System: Features a robust rail system to ensure stability and durability, suitable for various door sizes and types. Easy Adjustments: External limit adjustment and quick-release door arm enable manual operation adjustments for added convenience.

Reliable Reconnect: Automatic reconnect trolley ensures seamless operation and convenience. Optimal Speed: Standard door speed of approximately 9 inches per second for efficient operation. Versatile Rail Options: Compatible with standard rail and chain assemblies for 8, 10, 12, and 14-foot doors, providing flexibility in installation.

Safety First: Incorporates motor thermal overload protection, torque sensing reversing, solid-state control circuitry, and infrared photo eye safety beams to prioritize safety. Deluxe Wall Station: Includes a lighted deluxe wall station with a vacation mode radio disable switch and courtesy light control button for added convenience and functionality.

3-Button Remote Control: Comes with a 3-button Model MCT-3 transmitter for effortless garage access from a distance.

Built-in Receiver: Features a built-in MegaCode format receiver for added convenience and seamless operation.

Dual Courtesy Lights: Enhances safety with dual courtesy lights for improved visibility and security.

What’s Included:1x Garage Door Operator Head 1x Deluxe Illuminated Wall Station 1x MTR3 3-button visor remote Control 1x Obstacle-Sensing Beams (with 35’ of wire) 1x Mounting Hardware 1x Wall Station wire (27’)

Specifications: Max. Duty Cycle: 13 cycles/hour, 50 cycles/day Max. Door Height: 14 ft. Dimensions: Various options available based on rail type, with a minimum headroom clearance required.

Warranty: Motor: Lifetime Mechanical: 5 years Electronics: 1 year Upgrade your garage door experience with the LCO75 Garage Door Opener, the pinnacle of performance, safety, and convenience. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and powerful garage door operator backed by Linear’s trusted warranty. Elevate your access solution with LCO75!

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