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At Garage Doors Fixing, we recognize the significance of a properly functioning garage door opener, particularly when it comes to Wayne Dalton garage door openers. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to delivering comprehensive Wayne Dalton garage door opener repair, maintenance, and replacement services tailored to your needs. Count on us for all your Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster and Quantum opener requirements.

Repair Services for Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers A malfunctioning garage door opener can pose a safety risk, and your well-being is our top priority. If your Wayne Dalton garage door opener is causing issues, reach out to us at (279) 237-3429. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem and provide efficient solutions. Whether you’re facing issues with a non-responsive remote, wall operator malfunctions, or motor problems, we have the expertise to address them. We strongly advise against attempting repairs yourself, as garage door systems can be complex and hazardous without proper training.

Maintenance Services to Ensure Peak Performance Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your Wayne Dalton garage door opener. Routine check-ups and inspections are crucial. If your Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster or Quantum opener requires maintenance, our team is equipped with the skills to keep it operating smoothly. We prioritize attention to detail and safety in every maintenance service we deliver.

Wayne Dalton® idrive TorqueMaster® and Quantum While Wayne Dalton has ceased manufacturing garage door openers and some internal parts, we have access to replacement parts when available. If specific parts cannot be found, we’ll present alternative options. Be assured that common issues with idrive TorqueMaster® and Quantum openers can still be professionally resolved by our experienced team. Trust us to promptly address common problems associated with idrive TorqueMaster® and Quantum openers.

At Garage Doors Fixing, your satisfaction and safety are our primary concerns. Contact us today at (279) 237-3429 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. Let us handle your Wayne Dalton garage door opener needs with expertise and professionalism.


Most Popular Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers: 

1. Wayne Dalton iDrive


Wayne Dalton iDrive Garage Door Openers: The Future of Garage Door Convenience

Please note that Wayne Dalton iDrive Openers are currently discontinued, but their advanced features are worth exploring.

For over half a century, Wayne Dalton has set the bar for innovation and quality in the garage door opener industry. Their commitment to safety and aesthetics has made them a trusted name in homes across the nation. With their patented technology, Wayne Dalton introduces the iDrive Openers, a revolution in garage door operation.

Unparalleled Design and Functionality

Unlike traditional ceiling-mounted garage door openers, the Wayne Dalton iDrive defies convention by being mounted directly on the garage door header, integrated with the spring system right above the garage door. This groundbreaking wall-mounted design eradicates the clutter and noise typically associated with chain, screw, and belt drive openers using a standard rail system.

Two Models for Your Convenience

The iDrive Opener is available in two distinct models, the Torquemaster iDrive and the Torsion iDrive. The Torquemaster version is tailored to Wayne Dalton Torquemaster spring systems, while the Torsion iDrive is compatible with most other residential garage doors that utilize a torsion spring counterbalance system.

Notable Features for Both Models

Wireless Multi-Function Wall Button: Convenience at your fingertips with the ability to mount it anywhere in your garage. It even includes a pet opening button, allowing the door to be programmed to open within a range of 6” to 30”. A 10-second time delay button ensures easy exit, and a security light button lets you control the garage light without operating the door.

Wireless Security Light: This innovative light mounts into any garage outlet and activates upon opening or closing the garage door. You can also control it via the wireless wall station. 3-Button Transmitters: Each unit comes with two 3-button transmitters, capable of operating up to six doors or devices. Their compact design allows for easy mounting on your visor or keychain.

Wireless Keypad: Gain outdoor access by entering a digital code on the wireless keypad.

HomeLink Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate your iDrive Opener with your HomeLink system.

Electronic System Monitoring: An automatic system that continually monitors for operational malfunctions and alerts you with a flashing light.

Rolling Access Codes: Each time you use your garage door, the system recodes the receiver with one of billions of codes, thwarting code theft.

Automatic Travel Limit Set: Constantly measuring for weather changes and floor level variations, this feature ensures the best seal for your garage door, minimizing the need for periodic adjustments.

Soft Start/Stop: A rare feature in garage door operators, the iDrive gently starts and stops the garage door, reducing wear and tear. Although Wayne Dalton iDrive Openers are no longer in production, their exceptional features and technological advancements have left a lasting legacy in the world of garage door openers. While you can no longer purchase these openers, exploring their features can help you make an informed decision for your garage door needs. For more information or to explore replacement options, visit or Discover the future of garage door convenience with Wayne Dalton iDrive Openers.


2. Wayne Dalton Quantum


Wayne Dalton Quantum Garage Door Opener: A Legacy of Innovation

Please note that the Wayne Dalton Quantum Garage Door Opener is no longer in production, but replacement parts may still be accessible.

For decades, Wayne Dalton has been a trailblazer in the garage door opener industry, known for innovation and exceptional quality. The Wayne Dalton Quantum Garage Door Opener exemplifies their commitment to creating products that enhance convenience and security in your home.

A Classic in Garage Door Opener Technology

The Wayne Dalton Quantum Garage Door Opener, now a classic in its own right, was designed to deliver smooth and quiet operation. It features a range of advanced technologies that set it apart from traditional garage door openers.

Replacement Parts for a Trusted Companion

While Wayne Dalton has ceased production of the Quantum Garage Door Opener, many homeowners still rely on this tried-and-true opener. If you are among them, rest assured that replacement parts may still be available. These parts allow you to keep your Quantum opener running smoothly for years to come.

Notable Features of the Wayne Dalton Quantum Garage Door Opener:

CodeDodger® Access Security: This technology ensures that only authorized users can operate your garage door. It provides an added layer of protection for your home. TorqueMaster® Plus Counterbalance System: Enjoy the benefits of a smooth and reliable garage door operation, thanks to this innovative counterbalance system.

HomeLink and Car2U Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate your Quantum opener with your vehicle’s home automation system for added convenience.

Multi-Function Wireless Wall Button: With features like a pet opening button and a 10-second time delay for easy exit, this wall button makes garage door operation a breeze.

Security Light Control: Control your garage’s security light from the wireless wall station, enhancing your home’s safety.

Three-Button Transmitters: Each Quantum opener comes with two three-button transmitters that can operate up to six doors or devices, making it a versatile choice.

Wireless Keypad: Operate your garage door from outside by simply entering a digital code on the wireless keypad.

Electronic System Monitoring: The Quantum opener automatically monitors for operating malfunctions and alerts you with a flashing light if an issue arises.

Rolling Access Codes: This advanced feature ensures that each operation of your garage door generates a new access code, preventing code theft.

Automatic Travel Limit Set: Your Quantum opener adapts to weather changes and floor level variations, ensuring the garage door always seals properly without the need for frequent adjustments.

Soft Start/Stop: This rare feature gradually starts and stops the garage door, significantly reducing wear and tear. Even though Wayne Dalton Quantum Garage Door Openers are no longer in production, they remain a trusted companion for many homeowners. If you own a Quantum opener and need replacement parts or wish to explore alternative options, don’t hesitate to reach out. Discover the enduring legacy of innovation with Wayne Dalton Quantum, where advanced technology and convenience have left an indelible mark on the world of garage door openers.


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